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Abundance Flows Easily And Freely To Me

Nov 14, 2013


Abundance! Yea!

I just finished Day 3 of Oprah & Deepak’s 21 Day meditation, Desire and Destiny. Yesterday the affirmation or mantra was: “I am a powerful creator”. Love that!! Today is: “Abundance flows easily and freely to me.” I also really love this one and wanted to share my journey to abundance with The Suburban Monk. 

When I was a CPA in the corporate world, everything was about crossing off the To-Do list. I need to close the books by such-and-such a date, I owe Dr. Wonderful a report showing why he is losing our hospital so much money, I have staff meeting at 9:30, so I need to think of something brilliant to say to annoy Ralph the Budget Director. Haha.

We all reported to The Chief Financial Officer named Veronica. We were the only two women and she adored me. Yup, I like being adored BUT poor Ralph. She would say things like, “Ralph, why didn’t you pick up on what Ellen said?” (He made sure to get back at me with pranks like saying my office had mice and had to be fumed. Good times.)

When I look back, I can see how often I thought outside the box. That was a strong trait of mine, as well as being compulsive (makes for a good employee). Needless to say, the statement, “Abundance flows easily and freely to me” was not part of the corporate world. It was how hard you worked. Work smart, work hard, use your brain -- but work.

After I quit corporate life, I tried SO hard to figure out my new life with my mind but all of my great ideas just weren’t making me feel alive. One day, I just surrendered. I gave up. I decided, “I have no idea what I am going to do with my life”, so I made it my mission to pay attention to what me happy, what made me “come alive” as Thurman says in his poem. This is when the magic started to happen and I created TSM.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ― Howard Thurman

Over the past 3 or 4 years, I have had lots of ups and downs with TSM. Interestingly enough, the ups usually came right after a really bad down when I almost gave up, or surrendered.  There is that word again: surrender. I see it as getting out of my own way and making room for the bigger picture to take place.

What is so cool these days is that I know the magic happens at my altar, in meditation, in being quiet, in playing and in the knowing that I am not totally in charge. I believe there is something bigger than me coming through. I know this sounds very “woo” but it is what I believe.

I feel like I am a conduit for TSM to be birthed. Yes, Syd and all his joy and magic has been part of it (and the labor pains on that….OMG, I really needed an epidural….).

TSM has hit an amazing point where sales are wild and things are really ramping up, so the accountant in me needed a foundation of support people to handle the future. So, I wrote on a notecard looking for a specific kind of person and placed it on my altar. Have I told you lately how much I love my altar? Do I hear you saying, “Maybe too many times?” Haha. 

Here’s just one of the crazy things that happened: I had an appointment in NYC and on my way in, Mariel texts me that she is in NYC after months of traveling.

“Want to meet for lunch?” she asked. We do, and I tell her how everything is over the top, better than you can imagine and I am NOT complaining but feeling a little overwhelmed.

She said, “Oh, I know a great person. She is a graphic designer and you will love her. Should I text her to contact you?”

Well, that was easy!

We chatted a little more and she asks if Syd is named for Siddhartha. I go into the story (read Happy Birthday Syd to find out!) and then she says, "OMG, Jess was one of Sydney Gross’ best friends at camp Wayne!"

Seriously, could Syndey be up there orchestrating all of this? I still can’t be sure but how can you make these coincidences up? Now in my house when I say, “You won’t believe what happened today,” everyone gets a scared look on their face.  

Okay, my point here. I did use my brain to get clarity on what I needed, like more support for TSM. Then I wrote it down and put it on my altar. On that same day, I end up speaking with Mariel who pulls a name out of the sky (we interviewed her and she will be doing freelance for us!) AND happens to have been one of Sydney’s best friends. What? Seriously? How can it be this easy?

These crazy, synchronistic stories are happening so fast and when I tell you, “I can’t make these up” ... well, trust me. I haven’t even touched on some of the biggies!

When Oprah said, “Abundance flows easily and freely to me”, I just knew what she meant and had to share.

Live. Laugh. I am a powerful creator AND Abundance flows easily and freely to me!


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