Syd & Susan G. Komen Team Up for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

October ushers in Breast Cancer Awareness Month and this year The Suburban Monk is partnering again with Susan G. Komen of Greater NYC to raise money and awareness for a cause that sits so near to my heart.

When I was 23 years old my mother discovered a lump on her breast that would take her life a year later. As I write this, 36 years later, I can recall the exact moment she told me. It’s a memory which still causes my heart to ache, the tears to well, and my throat to tighten. She and I were tied at the hip.

But life goes on and I now get to raise money and give back through Syd and my company, The Suburban Monk. How lucky am I?! Therefore,during the month of October, The Suburban Monk will be donating 20% of sales of the Lucky Pink Syd, Rockin’ Rasberry Syd (or any little Syd for that matter!!) to Susan G. Komen.

Syd & AEPHI Chapter of Boston University Team Up to raise money

Syd joins AEPHI!
Syd has joined a sorority. Yes, you heard me right! Syd has been adopted by the AEPHI Chapter of Boston University and they are so excited to have Syd as a part of their chapter to help raise money for causes dear to their heart. Imagine, Syd gets to go to college! I couldn’t be more proud!
To support Syd’s sisters, click HERE and use code AEPHIXSYD.


Syd Adopts an Elephant

Meet Syd’s adopted elephant, Jareed.  By adopting an elephant we are helping the elephant community, which is dwindling from abuse (ivory poachings, animal entertainment, and other abuses.)