Welcome, TSM Affiliate!

We are so excited to have you a part of  The Suburban Monk Affiliate Program!

In the affiliate area above, you will find your special link. This link will be how you get credit for anyone that falls in love with and chooses to purchase The Suburban Monk products via your link.

The credit you get is 20% of all eligible products and we do payouts monthly and quarterly. The minimum payout is $50 per month. If you do not have $50 in commissions we will pay out at the end of each quarter.

Above, you will also find a button to download the TSM Sharable images which has TSM approved images for you to use on your website, social media, emails and any other marketing materials you create.

Please let us know if you have any questions via phone (973) 446-5575 email, [email protected] we are standing by to be of service!

Live Abundantly!
Your TSM Team