The Spirit Mala


What’s in the Spirit Mala:

Amethyst: spirit, serenity, alignment

Pyrite: fortitude, manifestation, focus

Black Lava: confidence, courage, strength

Mantra: I walk as spirit eyes wide open.

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Rock your Mala to unlock the mystery within, opening the pathway for a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun to live! Live.Laugh.Malas! are all made with the highest calibre stones as well as lots of good vibes! Live.Laugh.Malas! are a co-creation of The Suburban Monk and Satcha Malas that celebrates dancing in the light. Each mala bracelet comes with a mantra card and supports your dreams, joy, vitality and love.

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Large 8-8.5", Regular 7-7.5"


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