2019 Summer Fundraiser

Benefiting Pastoralist Child Foundation & The Samburu Project

The Summer Fundraiser Charities

This summer we are offering something special for you and two 501c3 charities that are near and dear to our hearts at TSM.

I wanted to find a way to raise more money than usual for charity and Brook suggested we try something a bit unusual. We can’t say it’s the first time anyone has ever done a “Chinese auction” online, but we are determined to do something fun for you while raising money for our charities. To my surprise, everyone who donated was an immediate yes and just so generous. I cannot tell you what this has meant to me.

We have over $4,500 worth of amazing gifts up for grabs!!

Our two summer charities are The Samburu Project and Pastoralist Child Foundation. They work together to help women, children and families in the small villages of Samburu, Kenya. Through education, resources, and empowerment they are making differences in the lives and livelihoods of these families.

Take a look at those faces.

How often do you get a chance to really know who you’ve helped — plus, get a gift in return?


The Syd Approved Prizes

Take note of the number and name of each prize you’d like to enter to win (you’ll need it in the Donate to Win section below).

4. Registration for 12 week online Group Coaching Program called One Bite At A Time (OBAAT)| Donated by: Sarah Roberts of SarahTalksFood.com ($497 Value)

I am donating the registration for my 12 week Group Coaching Program called One Bite At A Time (OBAAT). For someone struggling with food, sugar, weight, and body image and who is tired of diets and the yo-yo cycle, then this program may be the jumping off point towards a whole new lifestyle.

5. Align Brand & Soul Intuitive Reading | Donated by: Jennah Synnestvedt of Aspen Oracle ($450 Value)

Having an Align Brand & Soul Intuitive Reading helps you recognize how the stage of spiritual growth you’re in affects your brand so that you may move forward with more clarity and connection to your highest self. In your Align Brand & Soul Reading, Jennah and team communicate to you about your brand and aura including the customers you’re attracting as well as your past lives, spirit guides and questions related to your brand.

6. A crystal pendant with stones/crystals with the metaphysical properties | Donated by: Karen Sellman of KarsJules (9 Winners @ $55) ($450 Total Donated Value)

I met Karen from KarsJules through Facebook of all places. I don’t know how I have lived without her all these years or her crystal jewelry each of which is hand picked, hand made and reiki infused. Her work is a gift from her heart but equally as powerful. She has made 9 gorgeous pieces. I hope you win one. – Ellen

7. Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions. (3) 30-minute sessions. (1 Winner) | Donated by: Saraswati Radha Kaur ($150 Value) ($300 Total Donated Value)

Effectively replenishes entire body and aura with an influx of Source energy, allowing unconditional love and deep healing to flow directly into the client in a profound way.

8. Higher Self Healing Hypnosis Session. In-Person or Remote via Zoom Video Conference. (1 Winner) | Donated by: Saraswati Radha Kaur ($150 Value) ($300 Total Donated Value)

A multidimensional, intuitive and energy based spiritual healing modality. It encourages connection to higher aspects and energies for information and healing.

9. I would like to donate a painting titled "I'm The One You Need" | Donated by: Caitlin Schumacher of CaitlinSchumacher.com ($267 Value)

Mixed media – Ink, flashe, acrylic, soft pastel and woody on canvas, finished with florescent pink book binding 15,748 x 19.685 inches See It Here

10. 108 Crystal and Sandalwood Mala | Donated by: Sasha Korellis of Satcha Malas ($222 Value)

The Satcha Mala is created just for you and includes a free 30 minute phone/online consultation session with me to discuss choosing the right crystals for you. My belief is that mala is special and sacred to the wearer and when it is made with your intentions in mind it can become a very powerful personal tool.

11. One Hour Focused Topic Reading ($100 Value) | Donated by: Shareen Webb of Limitless Spirit ($100 Value) ($200 Total Donated Value)

Ask Your general or targeted questions. This “what do I need to know” session is completely guided by you and your needs. This session can be used for an Oracle or Aura Reading.

12. 3 - 20 Minute Readings | Donated by: Shareen Webb of Limitless Spirit ($100 Value) ($200 Total Donated Value)

This is a package donated for 1 lucky winner. Choose to use them all at the same time or split them up for when they are needed in your path.

13. One Hour Psychic Readings by Phone 2 Winners | Donated by: Ursula Lehbauer of UrsulaLehbauer.com ($100 Value) ($200 Total Donated Value)

A psychic reading is a way to find clarity and awareness. During a session, we look at the energy of your spirit, so you receive your own information and answers from your inner (higher) connection for a new perspective.

14. Two Bags of Legacy Cacao. ($89 Value) | Donated by: Michelle Sinnette of Legacy Cacao ($178 Total Donated Value)

Legacy Cacao is unlike any other ceremonial-grade sipping chocolate you’ve ever experienced. The intentionally infused at every stage from seed to sip results in what we believe to be the most pure and energetically potent cacao on the planet. One sip and you are immediately enveloped by the warm sensory experience and heart-opening plant medicine. It is a gentle, yet powerful transformative addition to any morning routine. Many of our customers far prefer Legacy Cacao over coffee, tea, energy drinks or even breakfast. It helps you to drop into your zone of genius, provides added mental clarity and alertness, boosts energy without any crash, and reconnects you back to your heart and Soul Truth.

15. Ten Class Kundalini Yoga Package or Private Kundalini Coaching Package | Donated by: Cate Baily of Montclair Kundalini Yoga ($160 Value)

This yoga package is only available at the studio in Montclair, NJ at Montclair Kundalini Yoga.

The coaching package can be done in person or remotely.

The winner will choose either the yoga package or the coaching package upon receipt of the prize.

16. 75 Minute Astrology Reading | Donated by: Natha Campanella of NathaPerkins.com ($190 Value)

This natal chart reading includes information about your family of origin, your relationship dynamics, the kind of career you would thrive in and more. In this reading we will also look at current and upcoming yearly transits for information about soul lessons, opportunities for growth, and the timing of it all.

17. A Personal 1 Hour Meditation Coaching session. | Donated by: Anne Sussman of Mindfulness Meeting Place ($150 Value)

This will offer the recipient an opportunity to learn the basics of What/how/why to meditate and have the opportunity to experience a guided meditation with me in the comfort of their own home. If they live in Essex County, NJ I will come to them or meet with them remotely on the computer if living elsewhere.

18. Gratitude Guides and Gratitude Journals. ($25 Value) | Donated by: Tammi Salas of TammiSalas.com ($150 Total Donated Value)

This hand designed gratitude journal is a 38-page softcover guide that will give you a glimpse into my very own gratitude practice. In this 8 X 10 inch softcover guide, I share why and how I started my gratitude practice, the tools I use and how I found my visual voice in the first 25 pages. The last 10 pages are filled with images of lists I’ve made that I hope will give you just the right amount of inspiration to show you that you can do it, too.

The new Proof of Life 60 day gratitude journal has 60 pages of watercolor illustrations that will serve as the background or foundation to your gratitude list-making. This 6 x 9 inch guide is the perfect size to carry in your purse, keep on your nightstand or gift to a friend.

19. One In-person (Maplewood, NJ) or Remote Shamanic Energy Healing Session. | Donated by: Lori Dalvi of loridalvi.com ($150 Value)

This one-hour session can include breath work, clearing dense energy from your luminous energy field, journeying to find the gifts and guides that want to support and assist you, rebalancing and illuminating your chakras, and receiving an energy upgrade throughout your field.

20. 30 Minute Astrology Reading. | Danielle Mercurio of DanielleMercurio.com ($125 Value)

Engaging and enlightening session to explore your soul’s mission, personality traits, life goals, & perceived blocks. Danielle will guide you to a more cohesive understanding your birth chart, including your sun, moon, and rising sign as well as how the alignment of the planets relates to you. There will be space to answer your questions and forecast key cosmic trends to be ready for! The session includes a recorded mp3.

22. 50 minutes distance crystal healing session. | Donated by: Anna Bielby ($75 Value)

50 minutes distance crystal healing session where we work on balancing the chakras and give special attention to any areas of the emotional or physical body that may need extra support and healing energy.

23. A beautiful crystal chakra tree hand crafted by a Vermont Artisan. | Donated by: Rose Cipriano of Sandlewood and Sage ($55 Value)

The tree stands approximately 4″ tall and 3″ across at the base. Each leaf is a crystal and in all are the combined colors of the chakras. The tree sits on an amethyst base. Also with this donation is a rose quartz point. The point measures 2.25″ tall and 1.25″ wide at the base. Rose quartz is a healing crystal associated with love, compassion and opening of the heart chakra.

24. A 15 minute Tarot session by phone, Facetime audio or Skype audio. | Donated by: Raven Mardirosian of Shivaya Wellness ($55 Value)

This is a quick but powerful session that will leave you feeling positive and focused. This is open to anyone in the world since it is a virtual session and my calendar adjusts to your time zone.

Donate to Win

How To Donate & Pick Your Prizes

  1. Choose the prizes you want to enter to win from the list above. (Take note of the item number)
  2. Choose how many tickets you want to purchase. (Each $5 gets you another entry)
  3. You will see a form with all the prize options. (Put the number of tickets into the item number you want to win)
  4. You must allocate all your purchased tickets. (There is a box at the bottom that must say 0)
  5. Once all your tickets are allocated to a prize you can then enter your credit card information to pay.
  6. You will not be registered to win a prize if you do not complete the payment step.

Thank you and please let us know if you have any questions by emailing [email protected]