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The Inventory and the Crystals are Ready!

By January 23, 2019Inspiration
I’ve worn malas around my wrists for years and knew I wanted to create a special line of malas made for The Suburban Monk.

I secretly hoped it would be with my favorite mala whisperer Sasha Korelis. That night I messaged Sasha even after I swore I would not take on anything new after NYNOW, which was fun but exhausting but you know me… it only takes a second to message someone on Instagram and the answer was a Hell Yea!

It’s always a crazy ride to partner up for a project but great stories come out of it, too. This is a favorite that still makes me laugh: We ran out of inventory. Now please note that not only am I a Virgo but I have 5 PLANETS in Virgo. So, I say to my partner the Pisces, “When can we get more inventory?” which of course, meant that I wanted it yesterday with tracking … She says, “Well, the crystals tell me when they are ready. They need to be just right.”

OMG, can you imagine what was going on inside this Virgo! I don’t even think they have an emoji for it!

Yes, my motto is – start before you are ready. We did, and now we have inventory that is just right because it radiates light and love.

So happy we created this line called Live.Laugh.Malas! The crystals are so unbelievably powerful. And yes, they help this Virgo learn patience in a big way!

Learn more about the magic within Live.Laugh.Malas! below and remember that you’re also invited to join the #GetMonked movement by becoming a TSM Affiliate.


More about Malas with Sasha Korelis, Co-Creator of Live.Laugh.Malas!

The mala is a sacred adornment that is deep within our human consciousness. Most spiritual and religious practices include some sort of prayer beads within the practice: Catholics use a Rosary, Buddhists use a Japa, the Greeks use a Kolomboi, Muslims use a Subha and so many more once you open yourself up to the technology. It is said that when you meditate with your mala going bead by bead, your prayer gets amplified 10,000 times! What I love about the wrist malas that Ellen and I made is that we took this into account on many levels within the design.

First we started with the Oracle cube to pull in Metatron which drives the creative energy of the mala which includes the chosen mantra, Syd, the Satcha Malas Mandala and the reminder to always Live and Laugh! We then chose very specific crystals and stones to carry that high frequency and paired them with the grounding and strength energy of the Pyrite. This is all nestled within the beautiful and ever renewing lava stone which symbolizes the flow of our own lives.

Get Your Mala On Now!Get Your Mala On Now!
What do you love about Malas?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

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