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When I love something, I want everyone to have one.

I used to go to a Shaman and he would give me mantras to say every morning. First I would say them 7 times, then next time he would raise them to 28, then 56. When he told me I was ready for 108, I said, “But how am I supposed to keep track?” He looked at me and said, “You don’t have a mala?”. I guess I missed Mala 101! So off I went to buy a gorgeous (of course) mala where I chanted over each bead/crystal. It was so sacred and special that I had to buy one for every best friend and family member. That was an expensive year!!! But when I love something, I want everyone to have one.

And The Live.Laugh.Mala! SPIRIT Mala:

I have been wearing my spirit Live.Laugh.Mala! a lot lately. I connect to spirit every morning but having this on my wrist just makes me feel connected at all times. I love the touchstone where I can put my fingers on the cube with the word Spirit. I seem to touch it a lot and even ask spirit for guidance throughout the day. And yes sometimes the guidance is should I go to pick up my son’s tennis racquet first or Sawyer at doggie daycare. After all, I am a Suburban Monk.

Get Your Mala On!Get Your Mala On!
What do you love so much that you want everyone to have one?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

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