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The Suburban Monk

The Suburban Monk invites people to create a life that makes sense, feels good and is so much fun! Our cornerstone product, Syd, is a smiling thumbs-up buddha like statue who is a universal symbol of encouragement and joy. Giving Back is an important part of The Suburban Monk mission. Each month, we give a portion of our proceeds to a select cause.

Syd: our thumbs-up monk statue

Carlos Santana Has one. So does the Dalai Lama. He’s even had an audience with the Pope! Born in 2012, Syd was created by The Suburban Monk herself – Founder & CEO, Ellen Atkins. Ever since, he has been sweeping the world and sharing his magic. He comes in two sizes, a variety of colors, and soon will be accompanied by a range of accessories.

Syd’s uses are endless.

The small version, Little Syd, comes in 14 different colors, each with a color meaning card. Customers use him as a mediation buddy, take him on vacation, and put him on their dashboard for good luck. Also, his thumbs-up design makes him the perfect ring holder.

The large version, Big Syd, is offered in 2 colors – stunning gold and clean white. Big Syd is ideal for the table or counter and his weatherproof design makes him a patio showpiece. His open hand holds key, jewelry, candles and inspirational messages. He can also be dressed in different outfits – both kids and adults love him!

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