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Have you heard? A wave of joy is spreading across the world and a laughing monk named Syd is at the forefront. Join the movement today!

Create a Wave of Joy with Syd

Play Syd Forward, and allow the magic to reach beyond what you could ever imagine…

The Suburban Monk is on a mission to Play Syd Forward to as many people as possible, and we invite you to be involved! Whether you Play Syd Forward to one or many, your willingness to share joy can start a ripple effect that reaches around the world.

Some Play Syd Forward Moments
I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Theresa

Who to Play Syd Forward to Ideas…

Individuals your friends, favorite barista, house cleaner, nanny, bank teller, or even people you don’t know.
Families Your neighbors, your co-workers family, a new mother and her baby, a father who works hard.
Schools Teachers, entire classes, custodians, bus drivers, principals, office staff, school board, PTA members.
Everyday Heros nurses, law enforcement, fire fighters, first responders, cross walk attendants, volunteers, teachers, coaches, and more.
Events Parties of all kinds such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, fundraisers and benefits.
Client & Employee Gifts For holidays, milestones, corporate gifting, gratitude & appreciation, just because.
Organizations The staff, volunteers, and/or customers of your favorite non-profit, charity, or business.
Sports Teams, Performers, and Artists For luck, fan gifts, and more.
Sponsorship… Become a Play Monumental Syd Forward Sponsor.
Yourself … 11% of The Suburban Monk profits raise money for inspiring causes, so when you buy for yourself, you’re also Playing Syd Forward!
You Name It… It’s up to you. The sky is the limit.

Purchase Syd and Change Someone’s Life Forever

How many people will you monk today?

Start a Ripple of Joy

Create a wave of gratitude when you gift up to 10 Syds to friends, community, everyday heros.

Create a Gift BundleCreate a Gift Bundle

Create a Wave of Joy

Save 11% by gifting 11 or more Syds to events, schools, employees, clients, corporate gifting.

Play and Save NowPlay and Save Now

Leave a Monumental Legacy

Contribute to Playing Monumental Syd Forward as a beacon of hope and joy for inspiring causes. 

Contribute NowContribute Now

Syd Stories

Sharing Hope and Joy All Around the World