Little Syd

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Syd’s thumbs-up is a universal symbol of encouragement and joy. Syd’s smiling eyes and happy face invite you to realize that life is bigger. Syd is a colorful 2.5″ figurine, that comes in a Suburban Monk gift box. Each Syd has a color meaning card explaining what he represents. Take Syd home today and welcome the possibilities. Collect all 14 colors!

  • Wondrous White


    The color WHITE represents:

    • Hope
    • Wonder
    • Purity

    The color white is associated with simplicity and stands for everything that is good and right.

  • Blissful Bronze


    The color BRONZE represents:

    • Wealth
    • Loyalty
    • Success

    The color bronze is strong and supportive adding richness to your life.

  • Sat Nam Silver


    The color SILVER represents:

    • New Beginnings
    • Reflection
    • Clarity

    The color silver represents new doors opening, illuminating the path ahead.

  • Elegant Ebony


    The color EBONY represents:

    • Power
    • Strength
    • Protection

    The color ebony provides courage and strength to take on all challenges.

  • Inspiring Indigo


    The color INDIGO represents:

    • Inspiration
    • Integrity
    • Intuition

    Powerful and dignified, indigo supports concentration and sparks imagination.

  • Triumphant Teal


    The color TEAL represents:

    • Renewal
    • Communication
    • Intuition

    The color teal offers a fresh perspective always delivering a triumphant outcome.

  • Abundant Green


    The color GREEN represents:

    • Health
    • Prosperity
    • Vitality

    Green is generous and abundant, adding luck along the way.

  • Optimistic Orange


    The color ORANGE represents:

    • Optimism
    • Encouragement
    • Creativity

    Orange is uplifting, bringing spontaneity and a positive outlook.

  • Radiant Red


    The color RED represents:

    • Energy
    • Passion
    • Courage

    Red is stimulating and motivates us to take action.

  • Victorious Purple


    The color PURPLE represents:

    • Wisdom
    • Nobility
    • Leadership

    Purple is associated with mystery and magic, sparking creativity.

  • Lucky Pink


    The color PINK represents:

    • Love
    • Compassion
    • Kindness

    Pink is the universal color of love. Leading with passion, kindness, and understanding.

  • Pretty Periwinkle


    The color PERIWINKLE represents:

    • Serenity
    • Peace
    • Tranquility

    The color periwinkle represents the power of friendship, peace, and tranquility.