I don’t know how I found The Suburban Monk, but the minute I saw Syd, I fell in love. There was something about that smiling happy Buddha that touched me deeply.

It filled me with the strangest calm and joy. My motto: whatever brings you joy, do more of that! So I ordered my first little Syd. Then a second for my partner. Those 2 little Syds sit in a prominent place in our den and remind me of love, joy and light. They always make me smile. Then I started giving Syds away – everyone reacted the same: huge smiles, joy and laughter.

Then along came Big Syd. OMG. I ordered one the first day they were available to pre-order. Then I ordered another one. The energy I could feel just from looking at him was palpable, so I knew having one in my home would be extra special. He did NOT disappoint. The day Big Syd arrived, I opened the box and the minute I saw him I started giggling. It was a spontaneous and joy-filled moment. Big Syd now sits next to my desk, smiling and filling the room with such beautiful energy.

This morning I had a rough start, and I just sat and stared at him. I felt calm come over me. This is not about a religious practice – it’s about fun and joy and living life to the fullest. It’s about remembering what’s important in life. It’s about smiling and being open to whatever the Universe brings. Thank you, The Suburban Monk, for bringing such joy not just to me, but to many, many others!

– Carol
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