Years ago when I was an urban hippy attending full moon ceremonies at Alex Gray’s gallery in NYC, I picked up a Golden Buddha while helping to clean up and wrenched my back.

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw the full moonlight pouring in on my back. A sign to me I would be ok! After all, I had Good Commons to build!

This was in 2007 in the height of deconstruction/construction of this big beauty. The weight of the Buddha surprised me as did the weight of the creation of Good Commons. It felt shocking and overwhelming and frequently painful! My days tasks were of my choosing. To be a success or failure would bring to life thousands of hours of sweat equity or take away everything. I hurt my back briefly but that Buddha was returned to its rightful home at the ceremony.

I was just gifted another golden Buddha named Syd! My friend Ellen of Suburban Monk brought this gift to me last week at the close of my season. I reflected on my current state of relaxation in the success of my retreat home which countered my terrifying concerns from a decade ago.

What a truly monumental signal that when Ellen handed me Syd, he was exquisitely light! Oh happy day! Adorned with beads and amethyst, he graces our studio with happiness and sweet brightness! May lightness of being shower upon you this Holiday season and New Year Good Commoners!!

– Tesha