The mother of this beautiful college girl called Ellen to tell her they were driving the girl back to college when they were hit by a tractor-trailer. They rolled over so many times into the woods; windows blew out, glass and clothes all over. There was no way anyone would think there were survivors, but this is their story…

They climbed out of the sunroof. It was a miracle. Fire trucks, EMTs, police. You can only imagine.

While the mom was waiting for her husband to come get them, she decided to walk in the woods. There, in one spot, she spotted a shiny book. It was her daughter’s Siddur from her Bat Mitzvah. No scratches. On top of it was a glass owl ornament. Her father had a thing about owls and gave each grandchild one of his owls before he passed away. There was no chip on it. Perfect.

And then she sees standing up (so strange) a page of stamps she had bought for her daughter with hearts and love written all over them. It was as if someone had set this all up. Glass everywhere shattered, but not these items.

And then she saw a black Suburban Monk box totally smashed and flattened and she thought, “Oh, Syd.” But she looked a little higher up as if Syd was watching over everything and saw him sitting perfect on his butt with his two thumbs up.

We will all take away our own thoughts on this, but we are so glad you are alive.