To my surprise and delight, I found Syd in my home. The magic just got amplified. I can tell you that when you believe in magic, it occurs. And Syd has proof.”
Debra Silverman, Astrologer
While I could never get myself to choose a favorite Syd (it would be like choosing a favorite child!), I always have a favorite ‘of the moment.

Lately, my clear favorite is the Syd of JOY. In the past, I have been drawn to the colors orange, black, or pink, for those of my friends who were facing a health diagnosis or personal challenge, silver for friends taking on a new venture, or white for those needing a spiritual lift. While all those colors and sentiments convey hope for the future, (hope is one of my favorite words – one I cherish deeply), joy, for me, is about being happy and present in the now. It reminds me, each day, to be grateful for this life. That seemingly simple 3-letter word has so much meaning and impact.”

Linda C.
Big Syd has arrived and has already been responsible for many smiles in our home. His spot is in our entry way – first thing we see when we walk in and last when when leave. Seems appropriate. He is divine!”
My Syd makes me smile on days that I don’t much feel like smiling at work.”
Syd is my copilot, and he always gives my driving ‘two thumbs up’!!!”
Ellen, thank you so much for the surprise Syd and the special mug!! They are sooo awesome and I can’t thank you enough!! Right now Syd is visiting with the fairies!!”
After having a lone “gold Syd” for several years, I just added the pink and white! Loved reading what the colors I chose represent.”
My companion loves me. Love my new Buddha. Great color also. My favorite!!”
Big Syd has arrived and is ready to chant.”
The Treasure Tower
Syd is a constant source of happiness and joy here at Benessere in Summit, NJ. If you stop by, be sure pick up a little Syd, and we promise that he will fill your day with smiles too.”
Benessere Wellness
I literally squealed with delight when I saw a box on my front porch today. . . BigSyd has arrived!!!!”
Everyone in our home loves Syd, even Benji!”
Big Syd says Happy Halloween”
Fall is here ???? and so is Big Syd! Rylee is not sure what is happening, but she knows it’s magic!”
So stoked. Happy life Big SYD!! May our days be full of happiness, gratitude and love.”
Guess who’s been here not even 5 minutes and wanted to play with snap chat?”
What I love most about Syd is he is whatever you need and want him to be. He meets you where you’re at and opens you to the possibilities you dream of as you are ready. Welcoming Syd into your life, or giving him as as a gift, is a true blessing in creating the life we truly desire.”