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Have you heard? A wave of joy is spreading across this Earth and our laughing monk named Syd is at the forefront.

The Suburban Monk’s ‘Play it Forward’ movement, is inviting you to participate in our worldwide community in catalyzing new sparks of joy, one gifted Syd at a time.

Whether you purchase a Syd for yourself or gift one, cultivate that feeling of love and compassion and amplify it through inspired action.

The possibilities are endless. You could Play Syd Forward to:

  • A friend or stranger who’s in a big life transition and could use a sweet reminder to speak their truth and follow their inner guidance
  • A Big Syd for a house warming gift to be an eternally joyous greeter for their entryway
  • You Name It… The sky is the limit!

The ‘why’ all comes back to the same united purpose — to share love and spread joy.

Join the Play Syd Forward Movement as a Visionary

If you feel called to initiate an impact on a ‘Monumental’ scale, contribute to Playing Monumental Syd Forward as a beacon of hope and joy for inspiring causes.

Imagine Monumental Syd at a:

  • children’s hospital
  • metropolitan transit hub
  • learning center
  • a city center rebuilt after natural disaster
  • an olympic village
  • … all places where anyone who visits or wanders by is invited to recharge, meditate, set an intention, make a new friend, simply smile, or joyously touch into peace as they move along
  • These are the tiny yet monumental moments that leave a legacy of love

Will you join us on this wave of JOY and choose to ‘Play it Forward’ one Syd at a time? Visit

With love and magic,
Ellen and Syd


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