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Unless and until we know what we truly want in our lives, the universe will have no idea how to help us get it. And, we will have no idea if we’ve already achieved it.”
Sarah Roberts (@Sarahtalksfood)

When I read what my dear friend Sarah wrote, it got me thinking:

I remember years ago when I first started The Suburban Monk. I was having what would be one of my many meltdowns (what can I say?). In this one, I was crying to my husband that I didn’t know how to move forward and that it was over. And he said to me, “Ellen, you are already a success. You created Syd. Every day you get messages or emails from strangers thanking you. Even though we went through a lot of our money, I could not be prouder when I look at you.” That made me feel so good (until the next meltdown of course. . . ha, ha!).

Fast forward to the last couple of months when our home has been turned upside down with a new puppy, a son moving back home after graduating college, and did I mention the puppy. . . overall, I have been a bit unglued. Then I woke up yesterday and I went for a walk in the park early in the morning, I ate really clean foods, I sat in my office for about 5 hours straight working on the part of my business that I hate (Quickbooks. Can you tell me how I was an accountant for 30 years and now having to go near it sends me over the edge?). To my own surprise, in the middle of the 5 hours, I thought, “I am so happy.” I noticed myself grounded and not procrastinating (which means I skipped the manic anxiety!).

Syd helping Ellen get over Quickbooks anxiety

Being present and productive with the work I usually resist, even while my house has been turned upside down, is an achievement that I didn’t even realize I wanted until that moment when I remembered that this is how I want to feel. I am clear and grateful that my life is magical and expansive. I am co-creating with an amazing group of women. I am also co-creating a new product line with another amazing woman (not allowed to talk about it yet). I have a tribe–actually a few–that I adore. I have an awesome family. And when going through my stuff–because we ALL have our stuff–I have an awesome team for support. Life is really good.

I’ve learned that what I want in my life depends on the moment. When in the office, I wanted my body to not fight sitting there for 5 hours, and when I asked my angels, I swear that a calm came over me. When I met with my peeps at our favorite hangout, Thought in Motion Creation Café, to continue our co-creation, I asked ahead of time for clarity as to whether I wanted to continue. And as I sat there with the seven of us, I felt such joy.

When I ask, the Universe answers. But when I forget to ask, or don’t have the clarity, not too much happens. I continue to get clarity on what I want more of (so the Universe can answer) but it all feels like icing on the cake (oh dear, my food metaphors again, Sarah, help).

Clarity is key. Action is key. Gratitude for all I have is key.

I love my life and I love all of you.

I hope your summer is amazing.


What would you like the Universe to give you?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

#getmonked #LiveLaughMonk

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  • Shareen says:

    Was just thinking how it is always the toughest question for me, What do I want?
    Reading this I realized it is because my brain is trying to find something it doesnt know and it cant know what it doesnt know. But my heart and my deep down they know the feeling of what I want, so that is what I need to ask for, or for more of, those feelings and let the universe deliver to me what I never knew I wanted. ???? Thanks!

  • This is so beautiful, Ellen. We can sometimes feel like we are alone, but the truth is, we are never, ever alone. We have this incredible universe expanding for us every time we behave in ways that are aligned with our soul’s purpose. Look at what you’ve created! See what you’ve brought into the world! Locked inside that adorable little figurine are dreams and blood, sweat, tears, money, fear, worry, surrender, joy, happiness, peace….every feeling and emotion we ALL feel is there, and it’s part of the reason we are all drawn to him…he feels real. He IS real.

    I can only imagine all the things you’ve got planned, because you’ve harnessed the greatest power there is; your own expression. You’ve brought to life what was once a mere idea in your head. You didn’t do it alone. You were never, ever alone. I’m so happy to be in your life. You and Syd bring me so much joy! I love you, Ellen.

  • Jen says:

    I would like the Universe to send me a tribe. People talk about having an amazing tribe. I know lots of amazing women, but I don’t think I have a tribe.

    • Ellen Atkins says:

      I hear you. It took me awhile. I tend to be a hermit and then one day I felt jealous of other people so I asked for a tribe during meditation. It took time for me to be ready but they showed up. Be really clear that you want one and watch it come. xoxo

  • Chick Atkins says:

    So I read this post, and it is beautiful. And so are you, inside and out. But I do have a question about the “changing the toilet paper quote” that SYD is holding … ??

    Your loving husband

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