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Dear Jeff,
Big Syd has finally been born! He is flying off the shelves and all I can think is, “Jeff, we did it!” Remember the interview you did with me for that internship after college in 2011?

You came over and we talked and talked in my downstairs office. I told you all about my vision for The Suburban Monk and you said that your mom would love Big Syd and how important my concept would be to the world, especially to women. You were so wise, far beyond your 22 years.

At one point during our chat, you glanced up and said, “Ellen, look!” It was my red cardinal. I said “Oh, that’s Sparky.” 20 minutes later, you pointed to the other window and again said, “Ellen, look!” A deer had her face smooshed against the window. Such a magical day, Jeff.

Our conversation was so deep and tender. I was able to see you in a whole new light. Instead of yelling at you to stop torturing Jamie, I saw that you were just like my sons, so deep and sensitive. A seeker. Handsome and cool but such a Suburban Monk. Your ideas flooded into my office on that fateful day.

I said, “Jeff, where do we start? How does one make a statue?”

You answered, “How about Craigslist?” That is where The Suburban Monk started and here we are, 6 years later. Except you are no longer with us.

Oh, Jeff. I miss you in so many different ways. Maybe the biggest is that I want to grab you in a hug and say, “We did it!! Big Syd is finally here and changing the lives of so many people. He brings such hope and happiness like we saw — and your mom has one, just like you wanted.”

On the morning of Thanksgiving, we will once again have a great time honoring your life. We’ll come together as a community at Gould School and the boys will play football and the parents will cheer and yell. This year, Big Syd will also be there!

Time keeps moving on, yet the one thing that doesn’t stop is your energy of love and support as Big Syd and little Syd find their homes in our growing community of Suburban Monks. You always lived by Carpe Diem and whenever I see it, I always think of you.

Love you Jeff, always and forever. Carpe Diem.


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