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Planting Seeds of Magic in Hearts Near & Far

Hey Magical People,

Guess what today is?

It is The Suburban Monks 13th birthday! I remember opening the envelope that told me as of June 21st 2010 TSM was a LLC. My heart burst opened and I screamed to my neice Jessie, “Jessie, I am officially a company!!!”. She replied “Auntie Ellen what is it going to do?” and a little embarrassed I said “I have no idea!!”

But now I understand that Syd and TSM had huge plans for us and they were just taking it step by step. This new way of doing life did not match my old corporate ways and am I ever glad! Now my number one strategy is to follow my joy.

So on this date, our laughing monk named Syd has taken us on a journey that has united people from all walks of life, different cultures as well as religions to inspire hope, PLAY, joy and peace worldwide.

Through the Play Syd Forward movement we are making waves of positive impact with Syd’s universal thumbs up and joyful face. Oh, and 11% of profits now are going to inspiring causes.

Play Syd Forward allows the magic to reach far beyond what you could ever imagine…The Suburban Monk is on a mission to PLAY SYD FORWARD to as many people as possible, and we invite YOU to be involved! Whether you Play Syd Forward to one or many, your willingness to share joy can start a ripple effect that reaches around the world. Won’t you be a part of it? Send a Syd.

With love and magic,
Ellen and Syd


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