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Can we just talk about Syd for a minute? Syd brings the light. His mission to bring more joy and hope to every corner of the world which he is clearly doing. It’s not just the world – I always need Syd’s happy, positive energy around me!

Don’t you feel better looking at him? Just try not to smile. I’m spotting Syd everywhere and it is really a very exciting time, even in the midst of unrest in the world. He is on dashboards, offices, classrooms and waiting rooms, I have had so many pictures and videos of kids lately where they are with Syd, telling him all their secrets.

We can never have too many reminders that everything is going to be okay. In the early days I used to see this vision of a grey world and little Syds would come down Para-Syd You Gotta See This…on parachutes (don’t ask me why…but I remember it very clearly). People would look up and see all these Syds falling from the sky. Wherever Syd landed, the place would pop into color.

My vision has come true after many years of dreaming it into being. Syd has brought light to 7 of 8 continents and continues to travel all over the world.

He is the best gift when a friend just needs a little bit of joy. Or during these volatile times, lots of calm. Just like there can never be enough love or hope or joy, there can’t be enough Syd.

What brings you hope, joy and calm??

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

#GetMonked #LiveLaughMonk

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