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Today — Dec. 31, 2013 — met with Elliot. Elliot is hard to describe. He is a student of Vedic Astrology, so my chart is always out when we talk. He teaches me how to harness my energy and is an energy coach of sorts. Everyone I send to Elliot can’t thank me enough. They totally get him even if we all can’t quite explain what he does.

Half of the things I do on faith before I really understand them, like when I knew I was going to have a business called The Suburban Monk. The name came to me before the business plan (which I still don’t have, to be honest) but I do know the vision and mission. Hey, two out of three are pretty good!

Challenges Ahead

We were having a great New Year’s Eve session until we got to one point. I guess I have some challenges in my chart with Rahu and where Venus is placed ….don’t even ask. I just listened because I don’t totally understand how alarmed I should be by this. He starts using letters like You get an A for where your Jupiter is placed and an A for Saturn (he might think I am really dense so he has to come up with new ways of teaching me, but I love him.)

Now he tells me because of my “challenges” with Rahu and Venus, Dec. 31st would be a perfect time to take a bath with a powerful concoction. I am to boil this tea-looking thing for 15 minutes and then strain it, pour it in the bath and then add something that looks like salt. I should stay in the bath for 15 minutes and make sure I go underwater to get my hair and face wet.

Don’t Forget To Dunk Your Head

WHAT??!!!! It is New Year’s Eve and I just had my hair blown out and this bath was supposed to happen at 4:45pm when some planet is aligned or maybe it was the full moon. Who knows? I just stared at him. Did you ever see the movie Airplane? It’s one of my favorites, especially when they tell the passengers how the plane is about to crash and the passengers just kind of listen and then they say, “Oh, and we are out of coffee…” and everyone goes wild.

That’s what it felt like. I timidly said, “Elliot…but my hair?” What I was really saying in my head, “Did you not notice how cute I happen to look today because I just got my hair blown out?”

There was a stand off. I finally got up the courage and said, “Elliott, I am a SUBURBAN Monk. Must I do this today?”

We stared at each other some more. I thought that even if Elizabeth could squeeze me in again for another blow out which of course I’d never do (who, me? haha) but what would I tell her? “Oh, my Rahu and Venus are challenged and I had to dunk my head in a tea/salt/herb mixture in the bath.”

I didn’t know if I was about to be fired as a client or I would have to make my choice between Rahu or my hair. It was a tense moment — but I really did look cute!

Well, we compromised and came up with Jan. 1st precisely at 4:30 pm because the moon or something is aligned. As I walked down the hall today and told my husband I was about to take my bath, do you know what he said?

“Don’t forget to dunk your head!”

Live. Laugh. He really does listen to my stories!

How do you resolve “conflicts” between the spiritual and material?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

#BigSyd #BigMagic

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