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I am falling in love with Park City, or maybe it is just being away all cozy with all of my men.

This morning one of my sons joined me for yoga at the most amazing yoga studio I have ever been to. Like seriously. OMG. A huge loft-like space that we walked to, heated floors that looked like artwork with all the swirls, the altars were just crazy, and there was the biggest Himalayan salt lamps I have ever seen. We started on our backs listening to a reading of the Winter Solstice and going from the dark to the light. It was so sacred. I have missed this feeling of stillness and sacredness. As I shared, I started getting pulled back into what was feeling “non-Syd like”, feeling corporate. But in this studio, with orders still being filled from my basement back in NJ (not by me, thank you Nancy) I remembered what I want life to be like.

I started thinking about my word for 2018. Two years ago it was “soar”. Last year it was “illuminate”. I wasn’t quite finding it for 2018. But today, I decided the word would be SACRED.

I have met my biggest dreams this year birthing Big Syd, which I had almost accepted it wouldn’t happen. And I think something can happen when you reach a dream, and your business is growing, so there is lots of “corporate” stuff to attend to.

But I know I am never turning my back on Syd or The Suburban Monk. (Although I am totally inviting someone to take the operations away from me. Universe did you hear that?)

This year I am going to be lead by what sparks my soul. Like when I opened the email from Jennah at dinner our first night in Park City and what she wrote (will share another time), but I swear it was like someone poured this sacred creativity into me that I was so excited about and that is how I want to always feel and make decisions from.

And with that will come things that might not be fun and I decided I will add sacredness to them all. Maybe when I am in my office doing “corporate” things, I will light candles. I have been resisting parts of my biz, which I just need to get over already.

So I choose “Sacred” as my word for 2018. Today was such a great day. Right now, 3 of my men are playing Catan, one is sleeping, and the fire is going and I get to do another favorite thing that feels sacred which is write and share. Oh, and you know how I told you about this rental with the Buddha in front and angel statue etc., well as you walk into the front door, above it in big letters it says Namaste. How did we find this rental that feels so sacred?

What is your word for the year going to be? I love you all. I can’t wait to play with you in 2018.


Have you ever plunged into something without knowing the outcome?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

#BigSyd #BigMagic

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