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Red Root Marketing Features Ellen Atkins of The Suburban Monk

By April 13, 2016October 21st, 2018In the News
Small Business Feature – Ellen Atkins of The Suburban Monk

Let me introduce you to an entrepreneur with an amazing story of inspiration and joy…

I stopped by Coqui Designs, a local florist in Cedar Grove. The owner, George, showed me a new product he had recently added to his shelves. It was a smiling, fat little Buddha named Syd and I was interested in the story behind the statue.

George said a local woman had come up with the concept and that Syd was already flying off the shelves! I knew I had to find the creator and tracked her down at to see how she marketed Syd. Her name is Ellen Atkins and her story will encourage and inspire you. Creating Syd and The Suburban Monk came from a time of major transition in her life, where the past was gone . . . but she wasn’t quite sure what the future held. That void was very uncomfortable but Ellen was determined to find her way.

Here is a snippet of what I found out about Ellen and Syd…

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