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It still amazes me how Syd’s impact has spread.

I want you to meet Nichole (see a beautiful photo of her below) and hear her story about how Syd has impacted her life. I just had to share this story with you.

“Hey Ellen! I’m getting ready for my 4th chemo cycle today with 2 more remaining. I’m so grateful you sent me my own Syd! He brings me so much comfort throughout all of this! Seeing him every treatment has helped keep me strong and brought so MUCH comfort! I had some issues with my liver values being elevated and the doctor was considering delaying my treatments. Luckily Syd has helped me fight a little harder and we’re still on track. I wanted to see if you wanted to come to my last treatment? I’m going to ring the bell and rub Big Syd’s head. You and Syd have brought so much hope and comfort to my life I just wanted to extend the invite if you’re willing and able. I’d love to get to meet you in person… I want to help spread the word about you and Syd. I’m just so grateful for the strength and miracles you and him have brought me.”

The moment I read Nichole’s message a few days ago, I felt a flood of the most intense joy pulsing through my body.

My mission is to make sure Syd has an impact on anyone who comes across his path and in that moment, I knew we were well on our way.

I just can’t wait to see who’s heart he impacts next and I definitely will be showing up for a big hug on Nichole’s last day of treatment. ????

P.S. Feel free to share any of your Syd stories because truthfully, this is what life is all about.


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