Is A Tuxedo Sacred? - The Suburban Monk
What does the tuxedo I am having designed for Big Syd (my statue) and this quote have in common?
Syd Quote

I know this seems crazy, but everything around Syd is so sacred to me. It is hard to explain. But, he is a huge, beautiful energy with a specific vibration, and so when his handmade tuxedo that was literally designed (yes Syd has his own designer) just doesn’t feel right, it has to be redone. I hope we don’t get fired as a client @sondra_unruffled. There is just something sacred about this one outfit. The future ones won’t matter as much I promise (I think). ‪

Live. Laugh. Monk!

Do you have a sacred space, event or object?

Please share yours. I could discuss these things all day.

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