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A “Gentle” Reminder

By May 4, 2021August 9th, 2021Featured, Inspiration
Wonderous White Syd with a New Friend

Syd Welcomes a New Friend


It doesn’t matter where I go in the world  — people always connect to Syd!  When we vacationed in the Bahamas last week, a beautiful, gentle soul named Wilbert Gentle (I kid you not) noticed Syd on the table and said, “I love your Buddha. Are you into spirituality?”

I think at this point my husband might have mumbled “Here we go again” lol  Every time he brought over more hot lemon water, he added another piece of info. Before we even started breakfast, told me his life path is an 11 and shared time/place of birth so I could look up his human design. Then he told me he was a Starseed and a Sagittarius You know, normal Ellen conversation!

I asked when he learned all of this about himself and he said last September. The Bahamas are 80% tourism and since everything shut down, he decided to go deep into his spirituality.

Even after 12 years, Syd always surprises me with these connections — but maybe not. Wilbert and I exchanged emails and little Syd decided he likes the Bahamas too much to ever come home!

Love and Magic,
Ellen and Syd



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