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Are you into all of that spiritual stuff?

By October 14, 2022January 23rd, 2023Featured, Inspiration

“The world is full of magical things,
patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

                        – W.B. YEATS 


Hello Beautiful People,

Have you ever had an encounter where you immediately feel someone’s positive energy?

As you know, we’ve been renovating our shore house and there was a 38 year old couch sitting out in the backyard that needed to be removed. Yup, I said 38 years old! My contractor joked, “if only a couch could talk.” LOL.

It was recommended that I call, 1-800- GOT-JUNK to remove this eye sore. That is how I met Derek and Ricardo.

They walked in and I knew they’d get the job done with a smile. There was something else about Derek, something magical even. Suddenly he looked at my Suburban Monk tank and said, “Are you into all of that spiritual stuff?” To which I proudly replied, “Yes!” Derek then shared with me that he had been into spirituality for almost three years, at that moment, I knew I was in for a story.

Derek told me that he was about to be recruited into the NFL, but his knee had other plans. Not being able to follow his passion, he was forced to pivot and change course. In that time, he began to follow a motivational speaker and learned about the power of positive thought. He truly was able to become a beacon of positive energy and started to generate quite a following of his own. As he spoke, I quickly became a fan.


The conversation we had was so deep and meaningful that it will stay in my heart forever. These true connections are the treasures of life. Before they left, I knew I had to run inside and gift them each a Syd. We said our goodbyes with big hugs and full hearts.

If you or someone you know is being redirected on their journey and could use some guidance, let Silver Syd lead the way. The magic that Silver Syd brings is all about new beginnings and illuminating the path ahead.  Use promo code SILVER and you can get 10% off your Silver Syd right now.

How great is this magical life?

Love and Magic,

Ellen & Syd



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