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Hey Magical Friends,
So I am back from the most magical experience at #NYNOW. Yes, it was hard work leading up to it and long days during it, but I wouldn’t trade a minute.

I got to see some existing customers that hadn’t ordered in awhile who said, “I love Syd! Why did we stop ordering?” and then went on to place a huge order.

Hotel London, in Beverly Hills, was very excited about how rich Syd’s colors are now that he is made in the U.S. They are the same colors just a bit richer.

Of course, we are always excited about the new customers and the new states we get to put on the map where Syd is now available.

Also a few huge connections that I didn’t see coming that might add an arm of TSM. It was too big to even believe it could be true.

Truly one of the biggest rewards was once I stepped into our magical booth (seriously it was the best looking booth in my opinion–ever), I had no fear.

It was such a different experience from the last show when I remember sobbing on the floor saying to my husband “What after all this money and time, no one buys anything?”

This time I had no fear. I did everything I could and knew Syd would take it from there. Whatever happened would be a message about the purpose of TSM. This is how I knew I had shifted. It wasn’t all about money and sales. Instead it was about having faith that the show would happen the way it was supposed to.

If you knew past Ellen …. we might even use the word miracle. I really let my Soul be present in the experience this time. The love people have for Syd makes my heart burst wide open. Touching heart’s is what TSM is all about, and the people who Syd are meant for really get that. It’s like a light goes on inside.

BTW Big Syd was the big hit this year. He is truly special now that he is made in the USA.

With love and always a dash of magic,
Ellen and Syd


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