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I am shy about the attention, but it’s my birthday today. September 11, and my birthday wish is the same as my wish for humanity: more hope and joy. More PLAY!

Sharing hope and joy through play also happens to be a purpose The Suburban Monk stands for, and Syd is leading the way.

  • Syd is here to touch hearts with a dash of magic.
  • Syd’s thumbs-up is a universal symbol of hope and joy.
  • Syd’s smiling eyes and happy face remind people that life is full of infinite possibilities.
  • Each color and size of Syd has its own special form of magic to brighten the world.

For my birthday, the only present I want is for others to gift someone a Syd.

It could be to a loved one, a stranger, your favorite barista, your kid’s entire school class… really anyone and everyone! Also there’s a way to contribute funds towards Monumental Syd being donated to a public space.

Go to to Play Syd Forward.

Play Syd Forward for Your Birthday

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With love and magic,
Ellen and Syd


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