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Happy Birthday, Syd!

Now that the 10 year anniversary of Syd’s birth is almost here, I had the perfect email to celebrate and share amazing dreams that are about to come true. I mean, BIG! That news will have to wait as shipping issues due to Covid (as we all know) have slowed things down for everyone. But I promise — as soon as I can, I will share.

On that note, THANK YOU ALL for being so patient as we are not yet able to restock some of our colors. The good news is that we still have half of our colors in stock — and they are beautiful colors — so have fun ordering them. As soon as the new colors are in, I will immediately send you an email.

Syd will always be the one gift that keeps on giving. I could share all day about the “coincidences” of meeting strangers who have a Syd and all of the magic he brings them. The hope and happiness. If anyone can get inventory — and the world — back up to speed, it’s Syd!

I hope you are safe and happy. Please, if you do have a Syd birthday party — I would love to see your pictures.

I love you. Syd loves you. We will never stop imagining Syd all over the world. One of my greatest dreams — which hasn’t come true yet but will — is a Monumental Syd at St. Jude’s or a similar children’s hospital. I’m going to hand out a Syd to every child there and make them laugh. We are on our way to that dream. ❤️


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