When I hit bottom last November, I went to my altar and had a talk with “my team “ and asked them to send me what I needed. 17 hours later, the coolest person showed up, wanting to help me. I was sure to check him out before going to coffee. He was a big-wig in the music industry and is now an entrepreneur. He also lives one town over.

When we were talking about the fact that I have 15 colors of Syds and two finishes he asked, “Do you know KISS?” I was so excited because I was going to get this music question right! I said, “Yes! They are a band!” to which he replied, “No, it stands for “Keep it simple, stupid”. LOL. Oh, well.

I call him Magic Man. Someone had gifted him a Syd as a thank you and like many, he became obsessed. He knew right away that he was supposed to help me because he believes in the mission of Syd.

This January, I went back to my altar and said, “Okay, I am ready. I need inspiration.” 3 hours later, a makeup artist in the celebrity world texted to tell me that her dear friend and client — the Duchess of York — has a purple Syd and is obsessed. My makeup artist friend continues to hand out Syds to celebs because she believes in the message of TSM.

2 weeks ago, my husband visited our son at college for a father/son event and sat next to a random father who turns out to be the president of a huge manufacturing company. Did I mention that I was looking for a manufacturing connection? The next day as my husband walks out of his hotel, he bumps into the same man who says, “Chick, I can’t stop thinking about Syd and your wife’s company. I really would like to speak to her.”

We’ve set up a meeting for next week in NYC.

This is the magical part of my journey and each time Sparky (the red cardinal that has hung around since I started TSM) comes pecking at my window as if to say, “Two thumbs up. You are on the right track, Ellen!”

At our last meeting, Magic Man asked me if I have my why. Why we do what we do — because when we are doing less glamorous tasks, we can always go back to our why to push us through.

“Don’t leave home without your why”, he said.

I have several whys but the major one is to watch the magic happen and not get stuck in the details. I want to focus on what makes me happy and know the Universe has my back with divine timing. I make sure my energy is pure and aligned and that is the number 1 why — which is why I signed up for Shakti Dance Teacher Training and go to as many Kundalini classes as I can. It is all about feeling good. Of course, I do know that Syd is meant to get out into the world big time and change lives. When I feel great and aligned, the magic happens and all my whys fall into place.

Live. Laugh. The magical journey of Syd and TSM!

What is your “why”?

Please share yours. I could discuss these things all day.

#BigSyd #BigMagic

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