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Ok, so one of my “imperfections” is saying yes to so many things and maybe not thinking that out.

I started my detox and was through 3 1/2 days of full-swing detox symptoms  ????  and ready to start days 5-7 with very little calories in 3 quarts of green smoothies a day, period. No other food except water. And when I missed yoga with my husband because we were only to do gentle movement like walking to let our body heal–oh, and the rebounder ( my whole family loves our new rebounder)–I knew. My big event of the year, #nynow, was priority. Three weeks away. What was I thinking ????? It took a day to actually feel like myself again, and detoxing will need to wait if I think it is still for me (at that intense level). But truth is, I felt sad. ????‍♀️

But not for long, because I had a meeting on Monday (that I am pretty sure I manifested) of 14 powerful women. Together, we are going to manifest something so huge. OMG, a dream of mine. ???????? We are coming up with a name, have our next meeting scheduled (after NY NOW!), and I can’t stop thinking about it.✨✨ Confirmed by an intuitive that has been on my bucket list (founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, if you are in that world). Yes, this is my next Bigger Yes, which is so interesting because I signed up for @laura_mckowen’s The Bigger Yes, and only one week in it is appearing!!! I told the group that I am such a seeker through and through that I will be 93 and still taking her class, lol. I love you.


What is your Bigger Yes?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

#BigSyd #BigMagic

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