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Have you been monked? Syd would love to hear your story!

Send us a video sharing your Syd Story, and it could be on The Suburban Monk’s YouTube Channel as part of our Play Syd Forward global movement to spread joy!

Here are some prompts and guidelines:


  • What are you inspired to share about your journey with Syd? Is it how you met? What happened in your life since Syd and you found each other?
  • How was it to #GetMonked?
  • Is there a message Syd is telling you to share with the world today?
Creative Set-up: Play with Syd and have fun with your video background and lighting! Landscape/horizontal format is great for YouTube.
From your Heart: Syd loves whatever you have to say, so press record and pour your heart on out! I can’t wait to hear also.
Short and Sweet (or however long): Under 1 or 2 minutes is great, but sometimes more comes through, so let it flow!

Email your video to: [email protected]

If you need any support with your video, click here and contact us.

With love and magic,
Ellen and Syd


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