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Happy New Year from Ellen and Syd

By September 29, 2020October 16th, 2020Entrepreneurship, Inspiration
For a second, didn’t you think, “OMG is 2020 really over?!!” Nope, I was talking about the Jewish New Year. Sorry.

For those of you celebrating the Jewish New Year, I wish you a happy and healthy. While we couldn’t be with our extended family this holiday, I was so lucky to have all of my sons with us. Dipping the apple in honey, for a sweet year, is always my favorite part. My mother always did that and there is something about traditions I love. I picture all of the generations that came before me doing the same thing and I imagine the generations to come, carrying on this tradition in my family, in their own way.

In my opinion, I think it’s OK to make traditions your own and give them your own flavor. In fact, on my Passover table, the ancient text called the “Haggadah” is surrounded by little and big Syds. Actually Big Syd is wearing a yamaka and holding a piece of matzah. I am equal parts deep ancient wisdom and humor and playfulness. That is what works for me and is always reflected when I entertain.

Another thing I like so much about traditions is that they ground me to my roots. This is especially important for me being a creative who can be flying through different realms, like a helium balloon, if not grounded.

I could easily float away exploring whatever magical adventure seems to catch my eye. Traditions connect me to family and my ancestors and remind me that that part of me still goes very deep. I have so many memories of my mother saying prayers over the candles and other traditions. I love that part of me as much as I love all the parts. The roots are what let me fly.

Having that grounding and support is what allows me to say “yes” and go big! Right now, I am looking forward to my latest podcast, where I am being asked what it means to be a “Powerful Creator”. I love that I have stepped into that title with confidence.

I am so looking forward to this interview and as I reflect back on earlier ones, I am amazed at how nervous I used to feel. You have no idea! It was torture. But, when I know I am supposed to say “yes” to something, I do. But, OMG torture! My hands shaking, my mouth dry… you get the picture?

Now when I say “yes” to interviews, it’s so different. I might get nervous about the technology or if I remember how to put make-up on, but my story is so ingrained in me, as I lived it! I just have faith that the right parts will flow out and if not so be it.

What I have also realized is that by saying “yes” to things outside of your comfort zone, you are saying “yes” to an inner transformation. I never realized that before. When I look back at the Ellen that did her first interview, (there was even a green room!!) and myself now… I see I was actually going through the start of my transformation. With every “yes” came another part of it.

It is such a cool thing that we never stop growing or learning about ourselves or even our stories. In the early days, it was all about Syd. And these days, while of course Syd is a major part of it, I am seeing how I went through a major transformation myself, from Corporate to Syd and I hardly talked about it. I know now that my story IS about me. And, my transformation can help others say “yes” to theirs. And that makes me really excited. Because if I could go from an accountant to creating Syd, I know it’s in you too.

I love you. Syd loves you. We can do today!  #getmonked
Ellen & Syd

What are your favorite traditions, and how do you make them your own?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

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