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Oh, the places you’ll go!”

Hey Magical Friends,

Earlier this year our friends asked us if we wanted to go to Japan. It hadn’t been on my bucket list (I have a moon in cancer so truth be told I am a homebody). And then a different couple asked us to go to Japan, and I was like “Mmm…I guess Syd wants to go to Japan.” 🤷‍♀️

Since we have never had two different sets of friends ask us within a few months to go away on an exotic trip like Japan, I texted my dear intuitive friend William Kelley to ask about my past lives in Japan and if my soul is supposed to go there for some reason.

I’m keeping what William said a secret until I experience how it unfolds for me during the trip and am currently deciding which colors of Syd to bring with me by looking up Color Meanings in Japan. What do you know about Japan? Any recommendations?

Keep a look out for pictures of sacred places and Syd of course.

Japan here we come…….

With love and always a dash of magic,
Ellen and Syd


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