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Syd is a magical supporter of…

Hey Magical Friends,

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for me, it hits very close to home.

To this day the biggest heartbreak I have endured is losing my mom so young to breast cancer. In just writing this, it takes me back to the 23 year old me who was hearing the news. Even in this moment, it is hard to sit with the feelings because I still feel them as if they were yesterday. I miss my mom.

But now there is joy too. Like the story you may have read about my now friend Nichole who swears Syd got her through Breast Cancer.

It’s a long story how Syd connected us, and she asked me to show up for her last treatment. We had never met. I was so honored she would invite me. I brought a little Syd for all the patients getting treatment that day.

I was touched beyond measure by the smiles on their faces when they saw which color of Syd they picked. See a video of that special day here. Nichole had a complete response to chemo and is cancer free now! And as an added bonus, she helps me with my social media.

At the treatment center in the photo below, they have a Big Syd, and it is now tradition that when someone has their last treatment, they not only ring the bell but also rub Big Syd’s head. I NEVER saw this coming when I created Syd. Just how deeply he would play a part with cancer patients and survivors.

Syd has taken me on quite a journey of wonder and awe with many things, but especially with cancer. The head Oncologist even asked Nurse Jenny to find out how to purchase an Indigo Syd for him because “HE BELIEVES IN THE POWER OF SYD”. Could it be that science and Syd magic are coming together?

Another great Breast Cancer survivor story I just love is from another Syd fan who took her pink Syd to every appointment, and she thanked me for following my dreams which touched my heart just like Syd does for people.

With love and magic,
Ellen and Syd


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