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Unlock the Magic

By February 19, 2021June 8th, 2023Entrepreneurship



The cutest Syd yet.

Who uses a keychain for keys these days? And, do you even use keys?

Keys or no keys, a keychain is something you can carry with you always. Everyone loves a good keychain, especially Syd.

I am so excited to be creating a Syd keychain. Put it on your bag, clip it to your backpack, hang it from your rearview mirror… who knows? Even if it never holds a single key, it holds joy, laughter and a dash of magic.

It’s your way of bringing the energy of Syd wherever you go!

The Suburban Monk Sydchain is the smallest, cutest version of Syd yet.

You will love it.

Love and Magic,
Ellen and Syd


What color Sydchain do you want?

Please share. I could discuss these things all day.

#getmonked #LiveLaughMonk

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